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Dedicated Legal Representation for Witnesses in Criminal Legal Proceedings

You have received a subpoena to testify in a legal proceeding. What do you do next? What is the process and what are your rights? Are you concerned that your testimony may wind up implicating you or incriminating you in some way?

You may think you have a friend in the attorney who is calling you to testify, but that lawyer’s loyalty and duty is strictly to the party the attorney represents and not to you. To the extent your own interests don’t line up with those of that attorney’s client, you cannot and should not expect much help from that lawyer. Having your own attorney in these situations will help ensure that your rights and best interests are protected. Your attorney works only for you and is concerned with your interests above all else.

Attorney Bruce E. Reinhart is a former U.S. attorney with over 30 years in the practice of law. His experience includes hundreds of contested hearings and over 50 jury trials in federal court, as well as more than 100 grand jury investigations involving matters ranging from complex financial crimes, health care and tax fraud to violent crimes, narcotics and public corruption. In West Palm Beach and South Florida, attorney Bruce E. Reinhart is the perfect individual to advise and represent you when you are called as a witness in a grand jury investigation or federal trial.

Do I have to testify?

When you are subpoenaed to testify, you are being ordered by the court to appear at the appointed time to testify. If you fail to appear in court, you can be found in contempt, picked up by law enforcement and brought to court against your will.

However, you have a constitutional right under the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination, which means you don’t have to testify if what you say will implicate you in a crime and possibly make you the target of a criminal prosecution.

How does your privilege against self-incrimination square with the court order compelling you to testify? Bruce E. Reinhart can advise you on your rights and how you should handle any situation where you feel you should not testify fully. Mr. Reinhart can act as your representative with the other attorneys in the case, including prosecutors and defense attorneys, and possibly work out a solution where the interests of justice are furthered while your constitutional rights and bests interests are also protected.

Grand juries are in different worlds

A grand jury is an investigatory body. The grand jury hears evidence of crime brought by a prosecutor and decides whether there is enough cause or evidence to indict and arrest someone. Witnesses are called to testify before the grand jury as part of this process. Grand juries are very powerful and secretive bodies, and it can be difficult to know if you are being called as a witness or if you or may be the target of the grand jury’s investigation. You can be compelled to testify to a grand jury, and you may not have the right to refuse on Fifth Amendment grounds or even have an attorney in the grand jury room with you to advise you.

Fortunately, there are ways an attorney can help you when you have been called to testify before a grand jury. Your lawyer can prepare you to testify, advise you before you go in to the jury room, and wait outside the jury room to consult with you as needed.

Your attorney may also be able to negotiate a grant of immunity from prosecution in exchange for your testimony if you are concerned your testimony may implicate you in some crime. There are different types of immunity that may be granted, and some give a higher level of immunity than others, so you will want to make sure you are represented by a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Bruce E. Reinhart is an experienced criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor who has been involved in over 100 grand jury investigations. Attorney Reinhart knows the process inside and out and will provide you with practical legal advice to help you navigate the complex and intimidating grand jury process.

Call Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A., for Assistance in any Legal Proceeding

If you are being called to testify as a witness in a criminal proceeding and want to make sure your own rights are fully protected, call the law office of Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A., at 561-429-8401 for advice and assistance from a qualified and experienced criminal law attorney.

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