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Florida and Nationwide Tax Fraud Representation and Defense

The Internal Revenue Code is more than 2,500 pages long, spread out across two volumes, but those volumes only represent the statutes themselves. There are another 9,000 pages of IRS regulations and revenue rulings implementing those laws, and tens of thousands more pages of legal decisions interpreting the laws and regulations. U.S. tax law is growing in length and complexity every year.

Legal scholars, accountants and tax experts do their best to keep up, but even the brightest minds in the field cannot agree among themselves about the meaning of particular provisions. Nevertheless, tax fraud is vigorously investigated and enforced by the IRS. Attorney Bruce E. Reinhart is an experienced West Palm Beach tax fraud defense attorney who helps people charged with tax evasion and other federal offenses in South Florida and nationwide.

Strong Defense of Tax Fraud Charges in Federal Court is Critical to Your Future

The IRS initiates well over 1,000 allegations of tax fraud every year and recommends prosecution in a substantial majority of them. Of the cases it prosecutes, the government typically obtains a conviction nearly 90% of the time.

Prison terms are handed down in about three-quarters of those convictions, averaging about three years per sentence. A tax fraud charge is something to be taken very seriously, and selecting a knowledgeable and experienced tax fraud defense attorney is key to achieving a positive outcome.

A Look at Federal Tax Fraud Laws

The IRS defines tax fraud as “an intentional wrongdoing, on the part of a taxpayer, with the specific purpose of evading a tax known or believed to be owing.” This definition requires the prosecution to prove two main elements:

  • A tax was due and owing
  • Intent to defraud

The burden is on the government to prove both elements beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a criminal conviction. This is a difficult standard to meet, and the government generally only pursues prosecutions when it feels it has a strong enough case. Attorney Bruce E. Reinhart has the knowledge, skills and experience to challenge the government’s case.

In civil fraud cases, the government need only prove the elements of tax fraud by clear and convincing evidence. While this is a higher burden of proof than the “preponderance of evidence” standard normally seen in civil cases, it is significantly less than the “reasonable doubt” standard required in criminal cases. This means the government in a civil case may have an easier time of finding the defendant liable, so having a strong and effective attorney in your defense is equally important.

Tax Avoidance versus Tax Evasion

A taxpayer has the right to plan and pay as little tax as legally possible without concealing, misrepresenting or committing other fraudulent activity. Aggressive taxpayers are nevertheless frequently targets of investigations and prosecutions precisely because they are exercising their rights to minimize their tax liability. Tax fraud charges brought against taxpayers may include allegations such as the following:

  • Intentionally understating or omitting income
  • Claiming fictitious or improper deductions
  • Falsely allocating income
  • Making improper claims, credits, or exemptions
  • Concealing assets

Attorney Bruce E. Reinhart works with you from the start of an investigation to build a strong defense in the event you are prosecuted. As your legal representative, he represents you with the government in the pre-arrest stage where appropriate to possibly avoid any charges or arrests or to possibly influence what charges are actually brought. And of course, attorney Reinhart provides strong, dedicated representation in court to get the best result possible on your behalf.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation with Your Tax Law Matter

For advice and assistance with tax fraud charges in West Palm Beach, South Florida or nationwide, contact Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A., at 561-429-8401 for a consultation with a highly-qualified, skilled and experienced tax fraud defense attorney.

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