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Securities Fraud & White Collar Criminal Defense

A series of high-profile cases has put securities fraud on the front pages of newspapers and on the top of the priority list for law enforcement agencies everywhere, from FBI criminal probes to regulatory investigations and enforcement by the SEC and other government agencies.

Considering the resources and effort put behind vigorous prosecution of securities fraud, and the predisposition in the minds of the public to punish and make examples of those convicted of securities fraud, it is essential to retain a highly-qualified white collar criminal defense attorney to represent you when you have been charged with securities fraud.

Attorney Bruce E. Reinhart has over 30 years of experience in white collar criminal law and provides strong, effective defense in West Palm Beach and South Florida – even nationwide – in prosecutions alleging violations.

Securities laws are complex. Sophisticated Representation is key.

The nation’s securities laws and regulations are strict, complex and confusing regarding what constitutes acceptable or illicit conduct among stockbrokers. For instance, stockbrokers should avoid activities that involve conflict of interest or self-dealing. But what looks like excessive trading conducted to generate commissions for the broker may be active, aggressive trading for the benefit of the client.

Brokers are expected to understand investor goals and the risk tolerance of their clients, and to act to maximize investor return within those parameters. Some investors are more sophisticated than others, and some customers rely more heavily on their stockbrokers for guidance and advice. Some clients may initiate and approve all trades, while others give standing orders within a defined set of parameters. Still others may be completely detached and only make changes when contact is initiated by the stockbroker.

To make matters more complicated, stockbrokers may be acting as brokers or dealers depending upon whether they are executing orders of the client or trading for their own account.

Attorney Bruce E. Reinhart is a highly-qualified white collar criminal defense lawyer with experience in securities fraud investigations and prosecutions. The office of Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A., provides representation to stockbrokers accused of securities fraud for engaging in any number of activities such as:

  • Excessive trading (churning)
  • Unsuitability
  • Omitting or misrepresenting information
  • Overconcentration
  • Margin claims

Conviction for securities fraud can lead to the loss of your professional license as well as criminal penalties ranging from heavy fines to years in prison. You could additionally be required to make restitution and even lose your personal property to asset seizure and forfeiture laws. Hire the best attorney you can find to advise and represent you in a securities fraud case.

High-Quality Defense of Securities Fraud Charges is Available to You

In West Palm Beach, South Florida and nationwide, call Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A. at 561-429-8401 in the event of any regulatory investigation or arrest for securities fraud.

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