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High-Quality White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crime is investigated and enforced by a seemingly limitless number of state and federal government agencies. Federal agents and local prosecutors can make their careers bringing a high-profile case, and they may dedicate countless hours and government resources toward building a case to bring against you.

With your personal freedom and professional career at stake, it is absolutely essential to retain an attorney with skills and experience that match or exceed those of the government prosecutors. Bruce E. Reinhart is an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney who for years prosecuted white collar crime as a U.S. Attorney. For skilled and effective white collar criminal defense in West Palm Beach, South Florida or nationwide, call on the law office of Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A, for assistance.

What is White Collar Crime?

Generally speaking, white collar crime can refer to a criminal offense which is carried out primarily through means of deception rather than force. Any type of fraud, or crimes such as embezzlement, forgery, or obtaining money through false pretenses, are considered white collar crimes. At Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A., our office excels in providing high-quality defense across an array of white collar offenses, notably:

White collar crimes are typically defined in lengthy, complex statutes such as the Internal Revenue Code or the Securities Exchange Act. These statutes may define a criminal offense in such a complicated way that it is difficult for professionals to know what conduct is allowed and what is illegal.

For instance, where is the line between tax avoidance (perfectly legal) and tax evasion (illegal) or between active stock trading (legal and encouraged) or excessive trading (possibly illegal)? Having an attorney on your side who understands these laws and is experienced handling these cases can be critical to challenging a prosecution and prevailing.

Talking to Your Attorney First is Crucial

Prosecutors may take months or even years building up a case of white collar crime before bringing any charges or making any arrests. During this period, federal agents may approach you for questioning.

The best course in this situation is to decline to answer any questions until you have spoken with your attorney, and then to give Bruce E. Reinhart a call. Lying to a federal officer, which means knowingly and willfully giving materially false information to a federal agent on any matter under federal jurisdiction, is a federal offense punishable by up to five years in prison.

Federal officers are trained in interrogation techniques and can easily catch you in a false or contradictory statement. They then use the potential charge of lying to a federal agent as leverage to force further cooperation out of you. You can avoid this trap by taking the agent’s card and calling your attorney.

Having Bruce E. Reinhart as your advisor and advocate during this pre-arrest investigatory phase is vital. By understanding your situation, he may be able to influence what charges are brought, how an arrest is effected, or even whether any charges are filed at all. If charges are filed, he will be in the best position to resolve your matter as quickly and favorably as possible.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation in White Collar Criminal Defense Matters

Conviction for white collar crime can lead to steep fines and lengthy prison terms, as well as other civil and criminal penalties such as restitution and asset forfeiture. Don’t risk your future by failing to retain high-quality, experienced legal representation. In West Palm Beach, South Florida and nationwide, contact Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A. at 561-429-8401.

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