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Crime Victim Representation – Helping Secure Arrests and Prosecutions in the Interests of Justice

As a responsible business owner, terminating employees who are guilty of misconduct is a necessary part of your job. When a former employee’s misconduct is criminal in nature, it may be in the business’ best interests to see that the former employee is prosecuted.

The decision whether to bring a criminal prosecution is a complex matter that is not entered into lightly by the government. Attorney Bruce E. Reinhart can help. As a former federal prosecutor who is firmly established in the Palm Beach legal community, Mr. Reinhart can intervene with the proper authorities and assist in the process of securing an arrest and prosecution against the offending individual.

How Your Attorney can Help when You have been the Victim of a Crime

The decision whether to effect an arrest or bring a prosecution may be decided by the county district attorney or, U.S. Attorney’s office, or by a Florida or federal grand jury. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer and former U.S. attorney who has been involved in over 100 grand jury investigations, Bruce E. Reinhart is intimately familiar with all elements that go into the decision of whether to prosecute an individual. Mr. Reinhart can represent your business and liaise with prosecutors and law enforcement on your behalf, providing the necessary information and making the right arguments to persuade government agencies to initiate a prosecution.

Seeking a criminal prosecution for an employee who was fired for embezzlement or other misconduct can benefit the business in several ways, such as:

Restitution – The individual may be forced to make restitution of stolen funds or damaged property if convicted. With a court order to make restitution, the business will have legal tools at its disposal to force payment.

Retribution – Embezzlement or other criminal misconduct can seriously damage a business in ways beyond the finances, such as ruining company morale, harming its reputation and sowing distrust among employees. Obtaining a conviction is a vindication of the company’s status as innocent victim and a sign to others that justice has been done.

Deterrence – Other employees will know that the company takes such acts very seriously and will not tolerate criminal mischief. Workers will think twice before attempting similar behavior and will be more willing to report suspicious behavior knowing that their concerns will be taken seriously.

Prohibit repeat conduct – Seeking a prosecution helps achieve a wider public justice not only for the company which was wronged, but also by preventing the terminated employee from committing the same acts against future employers. Putting a criminal behind bars or on the radar of the police may help prevent any retaliation attempts from a terminated employee.

Put an Experienced Criminal Law Attorney on Your Side and Your Side Only

Prosecutors may decide to make an arrest based on what is best for them; your attorney is only concerned with what is best for you. For high-quality advice and dedicated legal representation to protect your rights and your best interests, contact Bruce E. Reinhart, P.A., at 561-429-8401.

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